Kinazi: People are appreciating armies for their contribution in starting cultivating season 2018A

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Kinazi: People are appreciating armies for their contribution in starting cultivating season 2018A

People  Kinazi sector are thanking activities which are done through collaboration of population and Rwanda Defense Force, Particularly the starting of cultivating season 2018A by using machine. They also say that they are very happy for all good they get through good governance.

Bucyana Bertin with 59 years old from Gitwa village, Rutabo cell , has a field with two hectares, says that cultivating that field for him, it is a greate activity that he is thankful. His great gratitude goes to Rwanda Defense Force who are fighting against poverty.

Machine helped Bucyana Bertin to save 100,000

He says, “ I thank Rwanda Defense Force for what they have given us from the time they redeem the country . I spent the night here before Genocide ,how I got here is known by Good only. I was even afraid of coming here. […] Army bring us together with those people who killed our family members and now we are living together in peace with full security, this is the great thing I appreciate.

For the action of helping people for preparation of their fields, Bucyana said, “ my joy is beyond everything no way to explain it not I only  that but also people of Rutabo, everyone is supported in digging his/her fields. They don’t leave any field unless it is a field of banana trees and cassava or his/her owner says ̔I still need it̕. Frankly speaking this is an action that I hadn’t seen anywhere, this the first time I ‘ve seen it.

He thanks Government for other good activities that are done for its citizens. He says, ‘Not only cultivating we also get activities such as  Girinka, electricity, cassava industry that we have at Rutabo nice road,…it is so many!.

Emotionally Bucyana continues saying, “ Not only in Rutabo,when you reach here during the night and see there at Kanzenze and Mugina you will see a white things only, they got electricity power. The leadership we have today….! No other place …..even in history  no other I had heard it”!

For activities of collaboration of citizens and Rwanda Defense Force , Bucyana says,” This activities of developing populations is all about thankful. Lon ago, when you saw a solder and even commune police you run away but now you see a solder as your neighbor.”

Ndahimana Theresie also lives in Gitwa village, Rutabo cell. She has small field with surface around about 2 Acres. She says that on 25 July she came from valley and she found that machine had cultivates her field

She says, “ I didn’t think that they could help me to cultivate my field because it is small and I wish I had another place to dig”. Ndahimana declares that it is the first action she has seen in her life ,this is something to acknowledge.

Machines cultivate to increase cultivating surface

Gasasira Jean Baptiste is a Gitwa village leader , he says that people are very happy for   those machines which help them to dig their fields for free. He supports Ndahimna nad Bucyana by thanking the leadership for this great activity because they spent a lot of money and time in cultivate a small space.

The surface that will be cultivated in Kinazi sector in this program of collaboration Rwanda Defense Force and citizens is 480 hectares ,1/4 is already finished.


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